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Commissioning takes place after successful completion of the earlier phases of a project, such as design, specification, development, in-house testing, prototyping, documentation, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), equipment supply, building of control cabinets and electrical installation. At each of these key phases, our PIARAZ engineers and Project Managers ensure clear communications, written specifications, and careful confirmation of customer requirements. The FAT occurs just prior to Commissioning and is the final check before site acceptance. The FAT may include process simulation providing the customer with an opportunity to validate the system to be installed ensuring a smooth and high speed implementation on-site.

During commissioning, our engineers work closely with process engineers and other parties. PIARAZ provides a proactive and cooperative approach, assisting with mechanical and electrical start up of new equipment, bumping of motors, calibration, temporary connections / programming, and special tests required by others. Where possible, operators are involved in the commissioning phase to help them learn about the plant first hand.

Commissioning typically involves the following activities; (depending on the industry/product)

  • Network configuration and testing (Ethernet, DNet, CNet, Profibus, ASi, etc)
  • I/O testing
  • Measurement test to set current points, flow points, time slots etc. from equipment to PLC’s
  • Functional Dry Test (FDT)
  • Functional Wet Test (FWT)
  • Product try out / first-run (PTO)
  • Process Fine Tuning
  • SAT / QA testing
  • As-built markups of drawings and documentation
  • Operator, Management and Maintenance training

We provide services to many industries having different commissioning procedures depending on the manufacturing processes and products utilized. It is a complex and highly skilled assignment which PIARAZ is well prepared to effectively execute.

PIARAZ will provide you with the best resources, experienced engineers and Project Managers who understand your manufacturing process ensuring you the start-up you expect.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT) is carried out with the required QC documentation, and is where process functionality and performance is validated to the customer’s satisfaction. Following SAT and training, we will hand over the completed project to the customer for acceptance.

PIARAZ delivers to promise, and maintains a strong relationship with its customers following Commissioning. After the project realization, PIARAZ can provide support and maintenance including scheduled and emergency services.