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Siemens Introduces HMI TP700 Comfort Outdoor Panels


A new era for SIMATIC has started with the release of the new SIMATIC HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels. With this new product, applications now can be implemented simply, cost-effectively, and trouble-free in outdoor areas or places with similar conditions, such as cold storage.

The panels have been designed for use in multiple sectors, including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Maritime
  • Agriculture
  • Off-Shore
  • Mining
  • Transportation

These new panels bring the recent advances that have been made in the industrial indoor sector to the outdoors. Regardless of use on existing projects or new ones on “greenfields,” the required configuration tool, WinCC (part of the TIA Portal), provides ideal support.

SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Panels require no additional measures such as heating, air-conditioning, or UV protection. Only an outdoor-compliant control cabinet is required for outdoor use. Additional measures may be advisable only in extreme borderline areas or beyond, such as a rock guard for the display in quarries, or heating in the Arctic where temperatures are below -30°C.

With the new SIMATIC Outdoor Panels, the appropriate PLCs, and robust outdoor I/O devices, there are almost no limits to what can be implemented in outdoor environments, from waste presses, biogas plants, wind turbines, filling stations, special-purpose vehicles, ships, and oil-drilling platforms. SIMATIC Outdoor Panels feature everything that these near-to-nature applications need.

Key features include:

  • Daylight readable display. One of the most important aspects in the outdoor environment is making sure that the display is easy to read. Constantly changing light conditions play a role as does glare from direct light incidence. The new SIMATIC HMI Outdoor Panels with the Daylight Readable Display puts the configured screen content clearly in focus even in daylight, mastering the “anti-glare” challenge.
  • Automatic or manual dimming. A display dimming function is standard, and can be activated via the control panel at the push of a button or switched from automatic to manual mode with a mouse click. With integrated dimming, the display automatically adjusts to the ambient luminosity without action by the user. Minimum and maximum values are adjustable.
  • Problem-free connection. The back of the Simatic HMI Comfort Outdoor Panels features the familiar IP20 degree of protection and all the interfaces that are available on Standard Comfort Panels. USB 2.0 and audio (in/out) are provided, along with PROFINET (RT/IRT) interfaces that enable configuration of line or redundant ring topologies without additional cost. This provides the security needed in outdoor environments.
  • Easy servicing. Outdoors, a special service technician is not always at hand to replace hardware. With the integrated “Backup/Restore” service feature, all that is needed is a SIMATIC HMI memory card that is inserted into the service SD slot. The system takes care of the rest automatically. If the panel fails, it can be replaced with a backup device by any qualified electrician or operator. The SD service card is inserted into the backup device; when the system is switched on, the backup device loads all the data from the failed panel and continues working from where the defective panel left off.

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